Bro Package ManagerΒΆ

The Bro Package Manager makes it easy for Bro users to install and manage third party scripts as well as plugins for Bro and BroControl. The command-line tool is preconfigured to download packages from the Bro package source , a GitHub repository that has been set up such that any developer can request their Bro package be included. See the README file of that repository for information regarding the package submission process.

note:It's left up to users to decide for themselves via code review, GitHub comments/stars, or other metrics whether any given package is trustworthy as there is no implied guarantees that it's secure just because it's been accepted into the default package source.

See the package manager documentation for further usage information, how-to guides, and walkthroughs. For offline reading, it's also available in the doc/ directory of the source code distribution.